Company Policies

  1. Initial Consultation: This meeting is designed to last one hour with the focus on gathering concrete information on what your business is about, your unique selling points, target markets and marketing plan. This meeting provides the framework for the marketing materials that will best serve you and your businesses goals. The goal is for both of us to walk away with a clear understanding of what work will be done.
    There is an hourly charge for this meeting.
  2. We provide an estimate of the work outlined at the meeting. The estimate is broken out into specific projects, allowing you to decide on the order of completion.
  3. Approval is given by you to begin the project(s), a time frame is agreed upon and a deposit for services is received.
  4. We provide 3-5 different designs for the approved projects, which we will send to you via computer.
  5. The proofs are always a starting point. Your job will be to gather feedback on the different ideas we present. We expect that you will mix and match elements, suggest changes and variations.
  6. We will provide a new proof reflecting the feedback you have given us.
  7. Generally we move from the second proof to production. Our estimates allow for 2 rounds of proofs for each project, should that be needed. Additional changes can incur additional costs.

General Information:

The estimates for the project(s) we discuss are just estimates. Because this is a creative process, we give a range for the design cost and aim for the low end. As we progress we will keep you posted on how the project(s) are going and if we are staying on track with the budget.
Printing estimates are available.
We bill twice a month on the work done to date.
Invoices are due upon receipt and past due invoices will be charged interest.

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